Rainbow Hedgehogs!

Today, Mini-M and I made Rainbow Matchstick Plasticene Hedgehogs.
It was great fun for both of us, and she was captivated for ages. We played with them for about an hour in the morning, then another 15 mins or so after lunch, and another 20 mins after tea.

I got the matchsticks from Amazon, where a bag of 1000 cost around about £3.50 - and yes, we've got plenty left! I think there will many more spiky plasticene masterpieces in the pipeline...

Mini-M wanted to hold hers so I would know whose was whose
Let the match-sticking begin!
Large amounts of concentration. I think she was giving it a nose here to make a rhino hedgehog
Many, many multicoloured matchsticks
The rarely spotted flying hedgehog 
Yey - hedgehogs
Colour choice was a matter for careful deliberation
Deconstructing my hedgehog. It had too many prickles apparently
Hedgehogs kissing. Yes, she is puckering up too!
So, if you have a small person and plasticene in the house, I thoroughly recommend the minor investment for a lot of hedgehog fun! We branched out as the day went on, and had spiky snakes, snails and sea urchins. There were hedgehog races across the table (Mini-M kept telling mine off for not starting properly behind the line!), and my knee took some serious abuse from all varieties of pricklies that wanted to 'eat' it.