Red for Red R and Upside down Doughnut Buns!

Well, somehow despite my enthusiasm for the concept of writing a blog of all my making and caking exploits, life has got in the way a bit! Given how hectic things have been, I've managed to make or bake quite a few bits and pieces, so will try to get them all posted about soon!
On Friday 13th (seemed to pass of without too much bad luck...) it was 'Red for RedR' day at work. RedR is an engineering relief charity - you can get more info at
So as well as donning a red jumper for the day I thought I'd do a wee bit of red-themed baking to finish off the week on a sugar high. I did some 'RedR' biscuits and had way too much fun with the red writing icing ;o) then to make sure there was enough to go round, rustled up some cupcakes with cherries on top.

Another recent baking discovery I'm particularly proud of can probably best be described as upside down doughnut muffins. A wee while ago I got a mini silicone donut/dariole pan and was waiting for some inspiration to strike as to what to do with it. I actually went hunting for baked doughnut recipes, but after failing to find one that didn't involve yeast (which I didn't have) and noticing I had some squashy bananas looking like they needed using up, the end result being treacly banana and ginger upside down muffins with a hole in them. They were nice, but that wasn't the inspirational bit - that came when pondering the little hole in the middle of the muffin, and thinking that it was an ideal little pocket for a secret stash of icing (or jam would work too). So I mixed up some lemon icing and drizzled into the holes and all over the top, and even if I do say it myself, the end result was fab - an experiment that will definitely be being repeated!