Self perpetuating….

Sometimes I look back and wonder what nonsense I blog about.

Here are some recent search terms that have brought traffic to my site...

  • "panorama glasses" Hmmm.... i thought that eyes were generally able to see panoramas without glasses - obviously not everyone agrees!
  • "100 hippos" Poor disappointed searcher. There are definitely not 100 hippos, or possibly any hippos at all here. (Just that now there are 3!)
  • "chocolate fudge liquid glucose condensed milk dark chocolate" Clearly someone was having a sweet craving...
  • "disused railway tunnels" Some railway enthusiast (or mugger?) possibly ended up scratching their head and wondering why they were looking at cakes
  • "fence for garden snails" I am at a loss with this one. Snails like fences, I agree, but I don't think I've ever pontificated about that fact
  • "is bashy baileys an alliteration" Yes. That is all.
  • "make up made from icing" My first reaction to this was 'gross!' but the more I think about it as I type, I realise they were probably wanting to make fake make up to put on a cake, rather than wear icing as foundation. Hopefully
  • "marzipan hands" Very sticky? Also prone to losing definition and getting a bit soft in warm weather
  • "peel quarter and core a pear" Someone needs to find instructions of Google for this? Oh dear. Surely if you can search for those words, you're pretty much already able
  • "pygmy sheep" I wish I'd written a blog post about pygmy sheep! They sound amazing.
  • "valentine card for an engineer husband" I have a husband. I am an engineer. I made a Valentines card. Almost, but not quite the same
  • "we put up kitchen shelves" Well, we did, once, but since it did not result in martial harmony, and involved several minor injuries, I did not share the triumph in blog-land!
Just thought I'd share....