Shoe upgrade

It's summer and that means plimsolls, trainers and sandals. (With frequent interludes of wellies since we do live in Scotland after all!)

Hippy-dippy patchwork shoes!
I tried to find shoes for Mini-M that would be lightweight and comfortable, but stay on her feet. A summer full of buggy walk detours to recover thrown/kicked off footwear does no appeal.

All the girls plimsolls seemed to be slip on, though, and if they slip on, then they also slip off just as easily. I did however find some boys ones with velcro t-bars.

I'm not a big camouflage fan, so decided to use a few of the beautiful patchwork squares that Auntie L gave me at Christmas to give them a shoe makeover. I used some hi-tack fabric glue to stick on the pieces, which is apparently machine washable after it has dried and cured for 4 days. We'll see how they hold up in the rain...

I'm quite proud of the result!

Ta Da! No camouflage in sight

This weekend they had an outing to the swings at Inverleith Park - here they are in action...

Good for climbing
And for relaxing. Can you tell Mini-M helped choose her outfit?!