Sugar and spice and… gingerbread!

Not many words, and no recipe. Just some photos of the IKEA gingerbread house I finally got round to decorating.
I had planned to do it pre-Christmas instead of a traditional Christmas cake, but everything got a bit hectic so since it was in a sealed packed with a best before date of September 2012, it was put to one side.

Last night, however, Mr E went to the cinema to see a boy film (anything with violence, action, guns, fast cars, etc is categorised as such!) - in this case The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And I decided the time had come to attempt some gingerbread flat pack construction.

It comes with proper IKEA flat pack instructions which made me smile, and the little man doing the constructing is wearing a Santa hat! Easily pleased, I know.

I used royal icing as the glue, and had to do some emergency structural repairs since the front wall was broken - but not too noticeable post-decoration thankfully. Trying to stick the walls together a) upright and b) at right angles was tricky with only one pair of hands, but I got there in the end.