Thing-A-Day 2011: Kirigami Hearts

A post today that is high on the picture count and low on the word count.

I'm participating in the Thing-A-Day 2011 challenge. It's described as its organisers as 'The yearly creative sprint" and is now in its 5th year. Participants are challenged to do something creative every day for February, and post to a communal blog. If you'd like to see what everyone is up to, then hop on over to

I've chosen to go with a theme, and am making kirigami hearts. Kirigami is the Japanese art of paper folding and cutting to create beautiful filigree designs, and while I'm definitely not at the level of paper artistry of the masters, I'm hoping that if nothing else I'll improve as the month goes on!

But what to do with 28 cut and folded paper hearts.... well I'm giving them away to friends an family, and their families and friends via my Facebook, thus spreading the February love.

Here's a quick run down of my first 8 days, and one extraneous close up that actually came out in focus and I am very proud of!!!