Turns out Laptops and Hot Chocolate don’t mix!

On Monday night I was very tired, after a lovely buy long day of Mini-M refusing to sleep en route back from a long weekend away with family in Dumfriesshire.
Very tired and uncoordinated, so that whilst Mr E did bathtime upstairs, I knocked a cup of hot chocolate over the laptop (and the sofa, my leg, the coffee table and floor, but they are a bit less critical!).
It has had time to dry out but alas laptops and hot chocolate are not a match made in heaven. Last night it 'worked' just that the delete key didn't the return key didn't really (but sometimes you could get a return to happen by hitting the delete key) the space bar was mainly out of order, and it scrolled up and down the screen randomly and sometimes wildly. Oh, and you couldn't select the menu bar to type, so could only visit pages you could select from history. Today, it wont turn on.
Sad times, since all my photos are on it! And there were a lot of lovely things waiting to be blogged! And my book. And well, a lot of things really. However I'm hopeful that all is not lost, since it was set to back up regularly via Time Machine, so in theory, it should all be sitting there waiting for me at some point in the future when a long term computer replacement is found.
In the short term today, I have commandeered Mr E's laptop, therefore I have internet, and the like, but no photos. Sob.
So this is not a post of sauerkraut burgers, or artichoke and pea humus, or apricot and lemon curd, or cinnamon shortbread, or another beautiful cake, or indeed any of the other things in the 'to be blogged' queue I've momentarily forgotten about.
It is just some boring old words, to let you know that I've not deserted blog-land, but am just on an enforced holiday!
And to let you know that hot chocolate an laptops are a bad combination, just in case you were thinking of trying it!