What a Sweetie Part 1: Chocolate Cake Truffles

Last week, I did a LOT of baking. More specifically I did a moderate amount of baking, and dipped a LOT of things in chocolate for a fundraiser for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Group we're involved in - which was gladly very successful :o) So I've got a whole series of homemade sweet posts waiting in the wings. And since I also have a LOT of cute pictures of Mini-M looking very sweet, I thought I'd create some double whammy 'Sweetie' posts...

First up, chocolate cake truffles, which are super easy to make. This is more a method than an exact recipe, and it makes about 24.

Take 1 plain shop bought Madeira cake, and blitz in the food processor to make cake crumbs. Add 1/3 of a tub of Betty Crocker's ready made chocolate icing. Mix well until it forms a slightly sticky dough, then take teaspoonfuls and roll into balls. Place on greaseproof paper and leave to dry out a little over night. Once they are no longer sticky on the outside, dip in melted chocolate and put on greaseproof paper to dry. Whilst still tacky, add sprinkles for decoration. Job done!

And here is the other "sweetie" - Mini-M looking both cute, and skeptical of the camera! She was probably wondering why the food had stopped being spooned in her direction.