A Picture A Day: Week 15

This week has been a bit of a momentous one - I went back to work! Only part time, and so did my better half, so we can juggle child care with, a little bit of nursery time thrown in too - and we all survived it :o) Woop.

Mini-M was good despite having a horrible cold, and had fun blowing bubbles and playing in the swing at nursery, it turns out Mr E is some kind of amazing super-parent, who can look after a baby, zoom about all over town, put on washing, wash dishes and make soup, all in one day (puts my parenting skills to shame), and as for me, I managed successfully not to blow raspberries or talk to anyone at work like they 9 months old. Wins all round.

Here are this week's pictures:

Saturday 9th April

Pretty lights and reflections in the mirrors at the lovely Turkish "Empires" restaurant where we ate lots of delicious food, drank bubbly, and laughed a lot to celebrate the lovely Claire's hen do.

Sunday 10th April

Mini-M lounging on a blanket in Pressmennan Woods, whilst on her first Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expedition... which also led to her first tick bite, but that's another story!

Monday 11th April

"Now let me tell you about rice cakes..."

Tuesday 12th April

Having a super happy time with Aunty Em, and Aunty Kate :o)

Wednesday 13th April

Recycled drinks can butterfly magnets on our living room radiator

Thursday 14th April

The Water of Leith taken from Junction Bridge on the way home from work.

Friday 15th April

Allotments at Warriston starting to look quite green and spring-y