What a Sweetie Part 2: Marzipan Chocolate Cherries

This is the second "sweetie" combo post - a homemade sweet recipe and a cute picture of Mini-M.

It's another magic 3-ingredient recipe today - for marzipan chocolate cherries - and to be honest 'recipe' is quite a glamorous title for such a simple set of instructions.

Marzipan Chocolate Cherries (makes about 40)
Take a 200g tub of glace cherries. Set aside 5 or 6 of them for use as decoration. Take a 250g packet of marzipan, and open it, then cover in clingfilm. Break off about a tsp worth of marzipan and roll into a ball, then flatten. Put a glace cherry in the marzipan and gently fold over the marzipan, and pinch to seal, then roll between palms to create a good round shape. Repeat for all of the cherries. Melt 200g milk chocolate (I did it in the microwave) and using a fork, dip each marzipanned cherry into it. Place on a sheet of greaseproof paper to dry. Chop the remaining cherries into small pieces. Whilst the chocolate is still wet, place a little piece of chopped glace cherry on the top of each one. Be patient and allow them to set properly before eating :o)

And to finish off with, here is Mini-M eating the enormous crocodile. It is apparently very good for chewing. Hopefully she won't try this with a real thing when she's older!