York Food Festival Trail

A few weeks back (well about 6, but as long as it's still in single figures I'm calling it a few) I spent a lovely, warm, sunny day haring around York doing the York Food Festival trail with friends.

I duly forced them to pause before sampling some of the delicacies on offer so I could snap away, with the intention of writing a post as soon as I got back, however the best laid plans and all that - life is busy!

So without further ado, here's some of what we sampled...

Pie of the day - pork pie! From the York Butchers Collaborative
Not on the taste tour, but the amazing hog roast and apple sauce rolls we had for lunch!
Teeny zingy lemon sorbet cones from Fourboyz Dessert Cafe - dairy free - woop!
Rose and (very fiery) Chilli chocolates from York Cocoa House
Awesome humus and pakora in very cool bamboo cups from Tarts and Titbits
White choc cookie from Millies Cookies
Espresso and Brownie from De'Clare Deli
We sampled a couple more that were scoffed before they were snapped, had a lovely day wandering around York in the autumn sunshine, and didn't even manage to get to more than 1/3 of the places on the trail. A lovely idea though, and definitely a good way to explore a new city!

And of course thanks to Miss L and Miss M - the glamorous hand models (and the fantastic company that made the day fun!)