2012 Q 2&3 - Things I’ve cooked and forgotten the recipes of

I'm really bad for
a) forgetting to jot down or bookmark the recipes I've used to make things
b) ONLY writing down the modifications I've made, so you get recipes that go like... "substitute 1/2 cup soya milk, 2 tbsp olive oil, add 3 tbsp oats and miss out cinnamon" - unhelpful!
c) writing things down, but with no indication of what the recipe for so that I have to first decipher my scrawling, then try to second guess what might have been the result of combining those ingredients (assuming I've not forgotten any vital ones, which often I do)

So as a result if I don't blog about things fairly soon after making them, they sort of get lost in the mists of time.

And periodically I clear out the photos in my 'unblogged food' folder, post a roundup such as this, and delete them!

So here's my 2012 Q2 -3 roundup!

Hummus muffins 
Soup - of some sort! Guessing curried celery and tomato, with a celery leaf on top...
Apple and Beetroot Crumble
Bread - looks grainy - not sure what type
Chicken & Lemongrass meatballs = lego man dumbells! (They were really tasty too!)
Beetroot bread
Chocolate tofu "cheesecake" 
Griddled lamb pitas with potato salad
Macaroni-miso with ham and sweetcorn
Sunshine quiche with carrot, corn, kidney beans, tahini and paprika 
Gin and tonic with fresh brambles
Caramelised onion scones made with Mini-M hence the Winnie the Pooh shapes
Soya 'sausage' and tomato rolls
Split pea and ham soup
Chocolate marmalade cupcakes 
Coconut milk tablet
Pear and oatmeal jammy pudding
Coconut and Lemon Balm and Honey Macaroons
Hoops with hot smoked salmon and mushroom
Aubergine and hummus pie
Carrot and honey pie - (surprise spoon by Mini-M)
Well, 3 posts in one day is plenty catching up! So without further ado, I shall bit you all goodnight, and dismiss myself with a 'must to better next time' at recipe recording!!!