Another Seasonal Surprise Ingredient Guest Post

Only two more days to go before I post the Surprise Ingredient Swap roundup - it's sure to be mouthwatering.

But before that, another guest post - well, not quite so much a guest post this time, as a post-on-behalf-of!

Not to be outdone on the swapping and baking front, my Dad wanted to get in on the action as well as my Mum!

In actual fact, he probably bakes more frequently that my Mum, as he's a regular bread maker, so I have to confess I fully expected his seasonal surprise ingredient swap creation to be bread. However he pushed the boat out and went for cake! A slightly adventurous one at that - a Lemon, Creme Fraiche and Chestnut Cake which you can find the recipe of on the BBC Goodfood website here.

And his surprise ingredient? Well, he was sent some very exciting chestnut flour from Cooking Manu.

Here's the finished cake

And a few words from the baker...

"Here is my creation at last. Trying something new is always interesting and the chestnut flour gives the overall cake a lovely nutty taste. I also learned the hard way that whisking up egg whites until stiff is a waste of time if there is even a trace of yolk........and I had exactly that. The overall texture is very moist so the cake might do better as a sweet, with sticky sauce poured over it. Finally a very big thanks to Manu for the challenging ingredient."