Bitesize Bakes Swap - Sent and Received!

I think that sending and receiving letters (or parcels) is such a lovely thing. Excepting, of course, the queueing for 20 mins in the post office with an impatient toddler whilst both people in the queue in front of you do Passport check and send without any of the correct documentation, and attempting to park at the delivery office when all of the post men in Edinburgh are loading up their vans to head out on their rounds. But even despite such pitfalls, there is something special about posting a package, or getting one addressed to you.

And this week I've enjoyed both, as I've been participating in the Bake Me sweet bitesize bakes swap.

I was paired with A Mum Who Loves to Bake and so at the end of last week, I was lucky enough to receive a parcel full of delicious dairy free cookies. She got into the experimenting spirit, to concoct something dairy free that I could eat, and came up with this great recipe for some fantastic chewy raising cookies - thanks so much!!

A delicious dairy free experiment!
And for my part of the swap, I made some sticky marshmallow toffee crispy bites dipped in white chocolate and topped with peach sprinkles. I've posted the recipe previously and it's so simple. Basically melt equal weights of butter, toffees and marshmallows together. Once melted, stir in the same weight on rice crispies then spread quickly into a tin lined with greaseproof paper. Cut into chunks and smother with white chocolate if desired! If you'd like more detailed instructions, then have a look at this post...

Crispie chunks ready to be dipped
Dipped and sprinkled
In the tin, ready to be wrapped and posted
The swap was fun to be part of - and a huge thank you has to go again to my fab swap partner, who took my awkward dairy free baking requirements in her stride!