Mr E’s Photo A Day Roundup - Month 4

Well, I'm running almost 3 months late with this post! Following on from my Photo-A-Day challenge in 2011, Mr E took over the mantle for 2012, and I planned to post monthly round-ups here. But whoops, somehow it's July, and the last roundup I did was for March.

Better late than never... here's April!

Week 1
Featuring indoor tent practice, pig meets pancake, rain, porridge and quid ditch on The Meadows.

Week 2
Featuring Mini-M's surprised face, trying out camping tables for size, soup on the floor, Dalkeith Country Fair, origami cranes and treasure hunting.

Week 3
Featuring post-nursery naps, reflections, pub visits, Mini-M feeding her baby, dismantled ferris wheels, not-so-relevant-in-Edinburgh Olympics posters and space hoppers

Week 4
Featuring graveyard sunsets, cherry blossom, Armenian nutmeg cake, holiday packing, sleeping bags and cowboy hats