Mini-M’s First Birthday Cake: Giraffetastic!

Apologies to those of you that are my Facebook friends - you'll already have seen these photos, but I couldn't resist a blog post with Mini-M's first birthday cake!

Mini-M turned a few weeks ago, and I made a cake for her party. Giraffes are a bit of a theme running through her toys and stories, and life in general, what with having a 6'3" tall Dad, and sharing a namesake with of the Omni Centre giraffe sculptures, in Edinburgh.

"Dreaming Spires" by Helen Denerley - otherwise known as Martha & Gilbert.

I got very excited when I found a giraffe biscuit cutter on Amazon for £1.04 - and decided that the cake would have to be topped with giraffe biscuits.

I made a chocolate coconut milk cake, so that I could eat it too (there was baby friendly cake for the teenies) . I made giraffe print icing for the bottom layer by rolling out yellow fondant, and cutting out pieces of chocolate fondant for the spots, sticking them on top with a dab of water, and rolling it out a little again. I covered the giraffes in a layer of yellow fondant then piped some decidedly no giraffe-y patterns on them with chocolate icing.

That said, I think giraffes look amazing with stripes, and perhaps a giraffe/zebra breeding programme should be set up to work on it....