Mr E’s Photo-A-Day Roundup Months 5.5 & 6

I'm ridiculously behind on posting Mr E's photo-a-day roundups.

So without further ado, here is the second half of May, and all of June!

Week 1
Featuring eating jelly in IKEA, bananas wearing baseball caps, serious tooth brushing, dairy free pizza, blue sky, cinema queues and pink

Week 2
Featuring swans and cygnets, three course dinner pie, Edinburgh Marathon relay (involving my legs), hay fever and watching Alien films, nursery artwork, buggy walks and the festival seating going up at the castle

Week 3
Featuring sunsets, baking, pimped mobile homes, chubby toddler legs, accidentally sitting on blueberries, writing thank-you cards to the nursery creche before moving up to 'big nursery'

Week 4
Featuring big smiles after day 1 of big nursery, swans a swimming, marmalade making, excitement and Alnwick Garden fountains, more roadworks in Edinburgh, a sword shield and scabbard skip scavenge, and a walk up Calton Hill

Week 5
Featuring duplo cow diving platforms, sunshiney picnic lunch in the gardens, wet Duke of Edinburgh expedition assessing, Bear Grylls and whisky, damaged packaging and a wasteland fire

Week 6
Featuring chickens, squeezing through small gaps, play dough crocodiles, nice beer, Toastie Tuesdays, eBaying and using spoons upside down

Week 7 (ish)
Featuring vintage tractor riding at Craigies farm and a full moon over the Castle