Not exactly less is more!

Mini-M is, unsurprisingly, keen to bake and decorate cakes. Although I'm obviously completely biased, I think for a 3 year old she's pretty good in the kitchen! However she's not yet grasped subtlety on the decoration front, and is very much of the more-is-more school of adornment.

Since I'm on a in-bed-with-a-hot-water-bottle-feeling-stuffed-up clearing out iPhoto sort of frame of mind (hence the unseasonal Christmas party food post earlier) I thought I'd stick up a few of her more recent artistic offerings.

I give you…

St Andrew's Day Cupcakes (balls of blue fondant squashed flat, with white writing icing)

A thank you cake: When she ran out of animals, she requested marshmallows and orange slices to fill in the remaining blank spaces. Then added glittery stars.

North Pole cupcakes with wafer snowflakes (and unfortunately yellow snow - a side effect of having to use dairy-free margarine!)

Wonky reindeer faces on mincemeat cupcakes

She's also a bit fan of candles. No specific occasion necessary (because every day is a celebration??!?!). So we had them in our flapjack.