Orange Carrot Jelly

This post will be brief - hoping to squeeze it in before Mini-M's nap finished and we head out for some birthday party fun this afternoon. Quite probably there will be some emergency waking-up-therefore-snack-required grumps, and multiple explanations that it is birthday party and not a wedding we are going to. Since the Wedding of Many Cakes last weekend, there seems to be general excitement about the concept of weddings, belying a complete lack of understanding of what they are, and the fact that they can't be arranged on a whim. In fact as we were leaving the wedding last Friday night, Mini-M proclaimed "My liking wedding. Maybe having 'nother one on Sunday? Uh huh. Mmmm hmm. Yes".

Anyway, I digress.

This post isn't actually supposed to be about weddings, or birthdays, but about jelly - another of Mini-M's favourites.

I'm under no illusions that jelly is healthy. It's not. But to be honest, neither's soya yoghurt particularly (as opposed to real yoghurt which has more going for it and less weird stuff in it!). So jelly features fairly regularly in our pudding rotation. And whilst chucking carrot in it doesn't cancel out the sugar, it doesn't make it any unhealthier either - so that's what I did.

Of course, you could make this a lot healthier by making the jelly using real fruit juice and gelatine. But a) I had some orange flavour jelly in the cupboard, b) I didn't have any orange juice and c) you'd not be able to see all the carrot strands.

Orange Carrot Jelly

  • 1 block orange jelly
  • 1 large carrot
  • Water

Finely grate your carrot.
Dissolve the jelly block in a measuring jug with about 150ml boiling water.
Add the carrot to the jug, then make up to 500ml with cold water.
Stir to combine then pour into your dish of choice - or individual serving dishes.
Allow to cool then put in the fridge until set

And the proof of the pudding (which in this case is jelly...)