A Picture A Day: Week 20

No pictures of Mini-M in this week's selection - and quite a high quotient of random things in the house. Not sure how that happened... will have to make up for it next week!

Saturday 14th May
The newly married Mr & Mrs C&D! On the steps outside Harmony House, Melrose.

Sunday 15th May
I spent the day manning activity 6 - the blindfolded rope maze - at the Borders Exploration Group Cuba 2012 selection day

Monday 16th May
Ceramic radio/robot/money bank made by my talented Dad for when Mini-M was born

Tuesday 17th May
Q) "Hmm, what is behind the big wall I can't see over on the way home from work - let's hold the camera up in the air and investigate" A) A cemetery

Wednesday 18th May
Editing and blogging wedding cake photos

Thursday 19th May
Monkey, Teddy & Bear

Friday 20th May
Sometimes you need to celebrate the end of the week with a little Zubrowka and apple juice!