A Picture A Day: Week 28

Posting my pictures on time this week. Looking through my iPhoto has made me realise I've got a pretty long blogging queue, of some tasty kitchen experiments and some more crafty makes to get through. Challenging myself to manage another 2 posts over the weekend.... since the weather forecast is awful and our planned camping trip has been postponed!

Saturday 9th July
Rain - torrential, with thunder and lightning. Obviously captured neither of the latter two in this picture, and if it weren't for the person with the brolly, it wouldn't really look like it was even raining, but trust me it was tipping it down! Turns out rain is hard to take pictures of.

Sunday 10th July
Spent some quality time with my sewing machine today - this was taken in the middle of sewing tassels onto a friend's 1920s fancy dress costume. What do you mean, you don't have a monster on your hand when you sew? (Seriously, it was a remnant of entertaining Mini-M with these temporary transfers! She found if pretty entertaining, so at least I didn't look ridiculous for nothing)

Monday 11th July
"Little Ear" filled pasta waiting to go into the beetroot soup as part of my July Daring Cooks' Challenge

Tuesday 12th July
Tonight was night 5 of Harry Potter week - we've been watching all the films in sequence in preparation to seeing the last one sometime soon. And yes, there is an elephant wearing a woolly hat on our TV unit. And a lego mini-figure, and quite a lot of dust. Just call us interior design trendsetters...

Wednesday 13th July
Apologies for this photo. Yes, it is of a chewed nectarine stone. Yes, I know it is not a nice thing to take a picture of. But I didn't take pictures of anything else today, so we're stuck with it. This picture was taken in amazement at the amount of nectarine that Mini-M had successfully managed to feed herself - i.e. all of it!!! Very sticky and very happy she was too :o)

Thursday 14th July
Mini-M demonstrating the maximum friction method of crawling she is currently pioneering.

Friday 15th July
A lovely new quarterly magazine I discovered. It has been lovely Friday night reading, and will no doubt inspire some future sewing machine experiments.