A Picture A Day: Week 29

Writing this quite late on the 22nd July, which means it is Mini-M's birthday (- and very almost mine)! She features rather heavily in this week's pictures - and rightly so!!

Saturday 16th July
Mr E working on Mini-M's birthday present (more about that in a future post...)

Sunday 17th July
Playing with the fridge magnets - naked Homer and his blue trousers are favourites, followed by the ninja sheep, and the memo clip. Not exactly baby safe toys, but all the more enticing as a result - hence the close supervision from Auntie L, who came and babysat so we could go and see the final Harry Potter installment. Very exciting!

Monday 18th July
Drinking from a sippy cup. Or actually not, because Mini-M has yet to realise that you need to tip it up to make the water come out. More specifically, you need to tip it up once in your mouth - she is very good at tipping it up out of her mouth, and watering the table, her lap, the carpet and anyone within sprinkling distance. Just not drinking from it.

Tuesday 19th July
Being allowed to open a birthday present a few days early to divert attention from sore teeth, a bitten tongue and another runny nose. Wrapping paper clearly requires a lot of concentration and close inspection.

Wednesday 20th July
This week my reading material has hit an all time literary low. But sometimes some 'completely disengage brain' trash is quite relaxing.

Thursday 21st July
Meditating? Looking at something tiny and small in her hand, that is so tiny and small it can't be seen on camera, and actually probably wasn't picked up at all, but is still lying on the carpet?

Friday 22nd July
Mini-M is 1!!!! Mr E brought her up and we had a birthday picnic at in Queen St gardens during my lunch break. Taking self portraits of the 2 of us pre-Mini-M was challenging enough... at least we're all in it :o)