A picture A Day: Week 35

A quick post whilst our film downloads.... tonight we are watching Gnomeo and Juliet - it satisfied the criteria of being non-violent, a comedy, starring some famous actors - turns out that's a tough set of criteria using iTunes rentals, so once again we're watching a kids film!

Saturday 27th August
Mini-M wearing a makeshift nappy made from a triangular bandage (as the liner), my t-shirt and some duct tape. Necessary after driving 30 miles away from "civilisation" (i.e. shops) only to discover at changing time that I'd left the nappy bag in Hawick. Oops. But it worked, and got her home, and needless to say the car now has an emergency stock of nappies in it!!!!!

Sunday 28th August
Playing on the see-saw in Hawick - at 08:30am on a Sunday morning! Fun, but it doesn't half make it seem like a long day by tea-time.

Monday 29th August
Experimenting with shouting inside a plastic bucket, thanks to Uncle P.

Tuesday 30th August
Mini-M with her hands full of clothes pegs. They also taste really nice - particularly the really old grotty wooden ones - more flavour I presume...

Wednesday 31st August
Hmmm - turns out the only photo I took today was of making chicken stock for a future recipe post - sorry to all the vegetarians out there! Not to self - photograph prettier things.

Thursday 1st September
New cupboard for the living room to hide the various backpacks and handbags we have. Hopefully that way the contents will not be continually unpacked and distributed across the floor by Mini-M.

Friday 2nd September
What to Mini-M and Mr E have in common? They both read books with pictures in!