A Picture A Day: Week 37

This week I have been pretty bad at taking photos. I have taken photos every day, but several days they were food pics that are destined for other blog posts, and to be honest, folk really don't want to look at pictures of raw lamb or smoked haddock out of the context of their relevant recipes (coming soon!).

So in addition to the few pics that I snapped at the start of the week, and one that Mr E took today and I just couldn't resist borrowing, I've time travelled back to the relevant dates last year, and included a few of 8 week old Mini-M. Apologies - normal service will be resumed next week!

Saturday 10th September
Eating and ice lolly - handles are for losers!

Sunday 11th September
Stocking up on milk before the Tiddler Toddle

Monday 12th September
Being 8 weeks old was clearly shattering (I can vouch for the fact that it certainly was for the parents too!)

Tuesday 13th September
Woolly feet and baggy baby-grows - Mini-M's sartorial lot a year ago!

Wednesday 14th September
Daddy hugs :o)

Thursday 15th September
Eyelashes in progress...

Friday 16th September
And cut to 2011! Mini-M feeding herself apricot and elderflower rice pudding