A Picture A Day: Week 38

Another week - and a much more successful one from a photography point of view!

Saturday 17th September
Street lights and sunset taken from our balcony

Sunday 18th September
Whilst out on a buggy walk I spotted this figure head attached to the wall of a house bordering Leith Links.

Monday 19th September
No wonder Mr E gets a bit confused sometimes about my jar labelling! Cherries? Millet? Actually, now it's sesame seeds... for the time being.

Tuesday 20th September
Mini-M helping me sort out the tupperware. She kindly licked most of the tubs and lids into the bargain, which wasn't exactly what I had in mind!

Wednesday 21st September
The dehumidifier that is currently working hard to make our house a little bit less damp.

Thursday 22nd September
Mini-M viewed through the haze of soya yoghurt she smeared across the lens!

Friday 23rd September
Uncle P chilling out after week 1 of uni, with a little gin and tropical fruit juice.