A Picture A Day: Week 45

Ug - another week where I've not managed any more blog posts, and it's photo time again.
It's been a week with lots of fun, a fair amount of chaos (as usual), a LOT of attitude from Mini-M, belated Halloween parties, car shopping, sunsets, chilly weather, and tummy bugs! But we're made it through - phew.
So here are this week's pics...

Saturday 5th November
Mini-M and I took a sunny but nippy buggy walk along deserted Seafield prom to Porty whilst Mr E went car shopping

Sunday 6th November
Mini-M pouting with a flower behind her ear - she was fascinated by it, and wore it there for about an hour. She is currently into all things jewellery (i.e. mine - she's not got her own collection yet!) and trinkety. I don't want to quash her fascination and concentration, but it does mean watching her like a hawk to make sure she doesn't eat them!

Monday 7th November
Sunset over Powderhall bowling greens

Tuesday 8th November
Giant hands! Add gloves and oven gloves to the list of Mini-M's current fascinations...

Wednesday 9th November
An original Mini-M artwork, done at nursery. I am led to believe it is a poppy for Armistice Day.

Thursday 10th November
A horrible sicky day for me, with a nasty tummy bug. Mr E bought me a magazine for some distraction, which combined with a truly awful (but cheap) iTunes audiobook kept me company as I lay in bed, feeling very ill every time I moved! Thankfully it was only a 24hr one - and I'm back to normal now.

Friday 11th November
Mini-M finding breakfast hilarious this morning...