A Picture A Day: Week 47 plus 1

A quick post because it's getting late, and I'm hopeful that I can write this and still be in bed by midnight (my computer informs me that it's currently 23:37).

Here are this week's photos, plus last Friday's too, since I posted a day early last week before it had been taken.

Friday 18th November
Mini-M and Mr E  demonstrating her mini-ness in the woods at the Hirsel, near Coldstream, on our way to Cragside

Saturday 19th November
Mini-M tried some marshmallow at the Electric Estate, mainly because we were all toasting them over the braziers, and it seemed really mean to to let her have one. It was un-toasted. Judging by her expression I don't think she minded!

Sunday 20th November
The view from "our" front door, at Garden Cottage, Cragside.

Monday 21st November
And a view from the roadside, somewhere near Otterburn, where we had a short stop for milk time!

Tuesday 22nd November
Using-up-bashy-bananas-and-squashy-pears cake, with pecans and oats for health. It tasted a lot more exciting than it looks!

Wednesday 23rd November
Most of my library books at the moment appear to be River Cottage cook books!

Thursday 24th November
This is the reason my blog has been a little neglected this month - I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month, and trying to churn out 1667 words a day. Almost there though... roll on December!

Friday 25th November
Mini-M decided that despite having had her tea, play time, bath time and tooth brushing, it was time to try some of Mr E's Thai basil chicken. Which she seemed to enjoy, even though it was quite hot and spicy - and this from the girl that seems to sometimes exist on just bananas and toast! And yes, we do regularly eat our tea out of cereal bowls...