Well, I should be blogging my picture a day photos, but to be honest, I don't currently have the energy to creep upstairs (Mini-M is asleep), get the camera cable, upload my pictures, review, choose, upload and blog them. It's been a hectic (but lovely) long weekend of family visiting, and whilst the 8am trip to the swing park with Mini-M this morning was fun, it has made today seem rather l-o-n-g.

So instead of photos, I'm sharing some of the odder search terms folk have used and ended up on this site (Oh, the joys of Google Analytics!). I am still amazed that anyone reads it at all, and very glad they do - makes it all seem a little less futile! But similarly amused and puzzled and apparently also a little analytics geek (so speaks my big SEO and analytics geek of a husband!).

  • 1 tin crushed pineapple (drained
Well, I did write a post about crushed pineapple crumble (which I highly recommend for a very good balance of ease and deliciousness!). I'm just amused by this approach to recipe searching - and wondering of said person had already poured the pineapple juice down the sink by mistake, hence they specificity of their term!

  • average number of pictures taken at a birthday
Why you would search for this, or indeed need to know, I have no idea! I like to think it was to settle some argument between stressed out post-birthday party parents "Oh man, you took a ridiculous amount of pictures", "No I didn't 376 pictures is totally reasonable for one afternoon", "I'm sure it isn't", "It is, honestly, I'm sure lots of people take more photos than that, it's really about average", "Not sure I believe that..." cue the Google searching!

  • chocolate and cakey cake song
I'm pretty sure I've not written a blog post about chocolate cake songs, or any type of cake songs for that matter. But I'm kind of wishing I had now... and also wondering what cakey cake is, and whether it is extra cakey, or just kind of slightly undercooked in the middle.

  • flooding edinburgh
Oh dear - seems my work is creeping into my personal life!

  • makey* - life... for madness
A little worried that the randomness and implied insanity of this search term ultimately leading to a visit to my blog says bad things about a) my sanity, b) my typing, c) the quality of my ramblings.

  • rice juice
Urgh. Not an appealing thought. Feel like I must make more cakes to counteract the perceived presence of "rice juice" on my blog!

  • ruth ellis interior design okalhoma
This is not me. Poor, sad disappointed searchers! And now, by using the words specifically on this blog, I'm increasing my chances of being found, and disappointing other Oklahoman home decorators. Sorry folks.

  • should you ice and marzipan fruit cake before you put brandy in it
No. Just no. Stop and think about this silly searching person! That would make it all soggy. Hopefully they found a post that set them right!

  • Warriston Allotments
I walk past them frequently - turns out they have also been mentioned a few times here too. Maybe I have converted some veggie growers into being cake bakers instead - who knows!

  • What can I use glace cherries in
Why not just search for glace cherries, or glace cherry recipes?! Do people really search in sentences? Seems they do. I would have loved it even more if it had said please at the end. And to answer the question... theoretically lots of things, but they are overrated really, and you could just as well leave them out - I only put them in because Mr E seems to think they are delicious, and since he often cleans up the post-caking dishes, it seems prudent to keep him on side...

And with that it is time for bed! Writing this post has quite nicely filled in enough time to make sloping off to the land of nod acceptable, and no longer in the realm of 'are you feeling ill?' questioning!

Pictures tomorrow - promise!