Welcome to Martha Town

2 hrs, 1 piece of IKEA kitchen unit, bought for £1 from the bargain corner, and 4 sharpies.
Welcome to Martha Town!

Hopefully it will soon be inhabited by Playmobil residents, and no doubt some very dangerous toy car drivers...

Tonight was a fairly rubbish night on TV, so I scribbled whilst watching (I kid you not) a documentary about funeral directors, because that seemed like one of the better options!

 Hmmm I spy a bottom left hand corner lens smudge!
It's a well equipped little place...

3 houses and a cat
A semi-detached hospital and bank (perhaps to make it easy to get cash for the extortionate car parking)
Nursery with waving windows and a robin on the roof
A zebra crossing that seems popular with duck and snail families

And a perspective boggling play park
I want to go and live there!