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7th February

Tonight after tea we had the biggest grapes I have ever seen! Good find Mr E!<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> </di...

Embutido - Filipino Gala Pie!

Mr E is on a mission to eat food from 30 different countries in the year before he turns 30. We seem to have been covering Spain and Poland repeatedly, and s...

Guilt Free Carrot Cake Power Bites

In the fantastic ‘We Should Cocoa’ Sugar Free Chocolate Roundup last week, these Post-workout Protein Bites from Elizabeth’s Kitchen caught my eye. Admittedl...

6th February

Sunrise over the Pentlands from Riccarton park and ride.

5th February

Tonight there's no snow but this morning when I opened the curtains there was a moderate coating of white and some early morning ice scraping was required be...

4th February

Mini-M's first time playing with the big lego (or indeed the small lego...). Mr E had fun too!

3rd February

Sofa tent - 3 toddlers and one lightsabre!

2nd February

Stamping on icy puddles at Harlaw Reservoir

1st February

Holiday planning to counteract the miserable weather lack of daylight and general doldrummy-ness of the back end of this week. Roll on spring!

31st January

I didn't take a picture today. I didn't even manage a month without slipping up! Oh well - a spare photo from the day before instead of Princes Street in the...