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30th January

Today's picture is of the pressure cooker which is currently de-pressurising on the hob. And what's inside? Azerbaijan lamb stew for tomorrow night's tea.

29th January

A fancy wall on the edge of the Heriot Watt University campus, just off the A71. The sort of wall that is unlikely to be specced in any modern boundary fenci...

Geeky Stats Cooking - Aruba

I’m back on my culinary tour of some of the lesser visited countries in the world - more specifically I’m trying to cook something from every country that I’...

28th January

Mini-M and Mr E both engrossed with the robot story cards.

27th January

I have seasonally confused rhubarb! I hope it survives the rest of winter since it's still only January...

26th January

Mini-M helping with some baking after my cold finally started to clear a little bit and I started to feel a bit more enthusiasm for doing things!

25th January

Happy Burns Night! I hope you had haggis for your tea - we did - yum! Today's picture isn't of haggis. It's of some rather obstructive parking encountered on...

24th January

Mini-M and Mr E proudly displaying the Selkirk Bannock they baked this afternoon. Nothing beats walking into the house after work being greeted with the smel...