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12th February

Too late to still be up when the alarm is set for 06:20am - but on the plus side we now have our summer holiday booked - Brittany here we come!

Hybrid Valentines Pancakes

I’m combining both of this week’s significant celebrations into one. Although I’m not sure exactly what to call it - Shrove Valentines? Valentines Cake Day?&...

11th February

I won! I never win competitions - admittedly that's probably more due to the fact that I rarely enter them than a run of bad luck, but I entered one and won ...

10th February

We don't often cook a Sunday roast but we did today, with a middle Eastern flavour: slow cooked lamb with pomegranate molasses, beet balls, almond and pomegr...

Spring Surprise!

The days are (admittedly slowly) starting to lengthen and it feels a little less like we’re stuck in eternal darkness. If you’re not living in Scotland, you ...

9th February

Forward rolls in action. Mini-M can almost do it on her own but needs a helping hand with the final tipping over!

8th February

Playing with a stick on fish eye lens for my phone camera

Party Eggs a la Mini-M

When I got in from work today, I was greeted at the door by a very excited Mini-M, clutching a half shelled boiled egg, telling me she was making dinner, and...